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About NTSA

NTSA is a company providing consultation, education, forensic investigations, and litigation support in the tile and stone industry. Whether you’re in need of guidance on the front end of a project, understanding what went wrong after the fact, or clarification of allegations, our team offers unparalleled support. We come prepared with options ranging from “vitamins” (risk management) to “painkillers” (after the event).

Extensive Experience

Gil and Greg both have vast experience in the tile and stone industry. Bringing their cumulative 70 years of experience together, they formed NTSA with the objective of providing unmatched insight to the industry from a unique perspective.

“Greg and Gil, you made this happen and I’m grateful. After replacing our pool plaster and tile twice, you were able to identify the root of the problem and get us on the right track!”

Homeowner Comment

Gil Chotam

Gil Chotam

Gil’s expertise is tile and stone installation in residential and commercial applications, with a special emphasis on stone selection and installation. In addition to running his own contracting firm, Gil has managed several large commercial tile and stone companies, incorporating into them cutting edge management software that he wrote and built specifically to streamline operations. Gil has also spent over 15 years consulting, conducting forensic investigations and offering litigation support. His ability to bridge these skills together has gifted him with unparalleled research and forensic skills. Download Gil Chotam's C.V. (PDF)

Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews

An active tile installer for 42 years, 28 as a licensed contractor, Greg is a uniquely talented glass mosaic expert with a passion for the installation of murals, domes, and all tile pools. Greg is recognized nationally as one of the country’s leading pool tile experts, with a unique and specific expertise in glass tile and stone mosaics. His areas of expertise include product selection, waterproofing, tile installation and forensic investigation analysis of all submerged tile and stone applications.

Besides installing and contracting, Greg has traveled nationwide since 1997 lecturing and training on installing glass tile, pool tile and pool waterproofing. He has also been involved in consulting and forensic investigations since 1999, both independently and as a contract consultant. Download Greg Andrews' C.V. (PDF)

See examples of Gil’s and Greg’s case pictures.