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Forensic Invetigation and Failure Analysis

Construction failures often result in property damage, business interruption, and aggravation.

Forensic failure investigations entail the collection and analysis of evidence to help determine the cause(s) of failure in components, systems and structures. This can include interpreting and researching industry standards, sample collection, laboratory analysis, on-site testing, reviewing design plans and contract documents, and other tools and processes depending on the materials, features, and installation systems used.

NTSA provides tile and stone failure analysis services to help identify the cause of failure, e.g., whether product manufacturing or installation.

Many accidents and failures result in insurance claims and possible litigation. NTSA’s experience and familiarity in these areas prove to be invaluable to insurance adjusters and legal teams in tile and stone failure and construction defect cases.

If litigation occurs, NTSA experts are available to serve as tile and stone expert witnesses for litigation support including expert reports and expert testimony.

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