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Technical Consultation

NTSA expert services provide a broad range of consulting, testing and informational support services to the tile and stone industry. Our services, among others, include:

  • Site Inspections
  • Intrusive Testing
  • Specification Validation
  • Project Review and Analysis
  • Repair Feasibility Studies
  • Contract Documents Review and Analysis
  • Restoration Recommendations
  • Stain Removal Testing

Why opt for technical consulting with NTSA?

We address diverse topics, including education, failure analysis, design review, regulatory consulting, materials selection, risk and mitigation support, operational improvement, performance assessment, quality control. From product design through manufacturing, delivery and installation, NTSA will guide you through compliance and performance requirements, helping to achieve efficiency and sustainable business success.

“Once the opposing insurance carrier reviewed your findings and report, they dropped the claim with no questions asked. Thank you for you professionalism and keen insight.”

Insurance Adjuster