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Quality Control

NTSA provides quality control services, including on-site inspections, to ensure your tile or stone project is being delivered in accordance with project specifications, industry standards and best practices. We’re here to keep your best interests protected.

Quality Control and Assurance – Quality refers to the project requirements established by the contract documents. There is not “low quality” or “high quality;” there are simply lesser or greater requirements.

Our quality control is based on the belief that:

  • Quality control should ensure that the work is done correctly the first time.
  • Quality is achieved by focusing on preventing problems or errors rather than reacting to them.
  • Quality is achieved by qualified individuals performing all work functions.
  • Quality is achieved by providing proper training of personnel and ensuring that all personnel remains current on the knowledge and skills needed for their position.
  • Quality is controlled by adequate planning, coordination, supervision, and technical direction, proper definition and a clear understanding of job requirements and procedures, and the use of appropriately skilled personnel.
  • Quality is verified through checking, reviewing, and monitoring of work activities, with documentation by experienced, qualified individuals who are not directly responsible for performing the work.

A quality process must adhere to three basic principles:

  • Prevent errors from being introduced, by creating a project-specific material and installation protocol.
  • Implement checking and back-checking procedures throughout all phases of work.
  • Utilizing quality control services as hands-on training for specific projects and products.