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Case Pictures — Issues

The splintering of this glass tile created conditions dangerous enough to shut this pool down to bathers. Proper waterproofing, installation techniques and tile selection are imperative to safe, beautiful and long-lasting pool tile.

failure glass tile splintering
failure glass tile splintering
pool tile failure - discoloration
glass pool tile failure - discoloration

Discoloration is one of the most common and problematic issues affecting translucent glass tile.

pool tile failure - moisture

(1) Moisture trapped behind glass stone tiles.

(2 - 3) Voids, trowel marks and inconsistent thinset color quickly turns translucent glass tile into a total failure.

tile failures voids marks
tile failures voids marks

Caustic water can quickly attack poop plaster and setting materials behind translucent glass tile, dratically and permanently changing the color of both.

pool tile failure caustic water
pool tile failure caustic water
pool tile failure spot bonding

(1) Spot bonding stone on this pool spillway leads to failure within the first year of service.

(2) Questionable waterproofing products combined with improper sequencing quickly leads to failure.

pool tile failure waterproofing
failure improper pool tile coping
pool tile failuer improper coping

Many cracked waterline tiles can be traced back to underlying issues related to improper coping installation.

pool tile failure cantilever

Improperly placed cantilevered decking will easily apply enough pressure to push, crack and delaminate waterline tiles, even when a soft caulk joint is used between the tile and concrete.

failure pool tile cantilever
pool tile failure delamination

Care must be taken when choosing waterproofing systems, as illustrated by this full delamination originating from between layers of waterproofing.

pool tile adhesive failure

Often, glue and mesh prohibit adhesives from reaching the bonding surface of the tile. Add in water soluble glue and the result is typically delamination in submerged conditions.

pool tile failure adhesives
adhesive failures pool tile